The Visitation
(The day or morning before the Funeral Ceremony)
  • Is a time for friends and family to support one another in their grief
  • Acknowledge the reality of the death. Seeing is Believing
  • Visit and remember the person who died and say a personal good-bye

Burial, Cremation or Entombment
  • How the body will be cared for after death is an important decision
  • The decision is based generally on family and tradition
  • Many choose earth burial. Some choose cremation or entombment. They are not intended to replace the funeral -   they are simply alternatives

Open or Closed Casket
  • It may be helpful for some family members to have an open casket, to begin the healing process.  It invariably helps the bereaved grasp the reality of death.
  • Viewing is a way to honour our loved one and say our final good-byes.
  • Embalming temporarily preserves the body
  • The casket may be open for the visitation and/or for the funeral
  • Open casket visitations or funeral followed by cremation is an option

The Funeral Service
  • In today's fast-paced, and widespread society people steer toward the convenient, often losing sight of the journey while planning the trip.  Are the choices we make for our funerals intended to comfort the living or merely to make the event convenient? 
  • The funeral provides an occasion for family and friends to draw together, share stories, memories, and comfort one another.  We need to bear in mind the needs of our families when making our choices.  
  • The service itself is normally in the funeral home chapel or our meadow, a church, or a favourite family location (home, cottage, etc.)
  • A funeral often consists of scripture readings, prayers, a eulogy, favourite poems, a religious or secular sermon, and music.

The Memorial Service
  • A Memorial Service takes place in the absence of the loved one. 
  • The funeral home, family home, seniors' centre, church, or other outdoor settings are frequently chosen.  This is a time to remember your loved one through fellowship with friends and family.
  • This service can also supplement a traditional funeral service, by providing for some form of service in another location (seniors' centre, home town, etc.) at a later date.
  • A memorial service can take place after burial or cremation, if this meets the need of the family.

The Eulogy
  • Acknowledges the unique life of the person who died and the significance of that life for all who shared in it
  • It may be delivered by a clergy person, a family member or a friend(s)

  • Are the most precious legacy we have after someone dies

"Remembering the person I have loved allows me to slowly heal. Healing does not mean I will forget. Actually, it means I will remember."

  • Helps us access our feelings, both happy and sad
  • Consider music that was meaningful to the person who died or to the family

Funeral Procession
  • Accompany each other to the gravesite or mausoleum usually led by the hearse containing the casket or urn.
  • It is a symbol of mutual support honouring the deceased.

Committal Service
  • A committal service may be held at the cemetery or place of service.
  • Is a brief service at the graveside held after the funeral service immediately prior to the burial.
  • Family and friends say their final good-byes at the final resting place.
  • In cases of cremation, the urn may be interred at the cemetery.
  • A procession to the cemetery for a committal service is often comforting.

  • Families often choose to host a luncheon in the funeral home's reception area, the church, at a area service club, or at the family home.

Cost of a Funeral
  • Funeral costs are less than you might expect but the costs do continue to rise
  • The price of funerals has almost tripled in the last fifteen years
  • By planning and funding your funeral today, you can offset the impact of rising funeral prices

Important Things to Remember
  • Keep good records and be sure that loved ones know where records are kept
  • Every adult should have a will, regardless of age or financial situation
  • Make your arrangements before the need arises

Why a Funeral?
  •   For expressing our beliefs, thoughts and feelings about the   death of someone we love.
  •   Help us move from life before the death to life after the death
  •    Affirm the worth of our relationship with the person who died   and celebrate a life well lived.
Why Have A Funeral?
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